Why wool

Why wool?


Why not wool ... is actually more the question.


Wool is one of the most beautiful products of nature, with very good qualities. One of the finest features is that it can absorb moisture, allowing perspiration moisture through the wool can be absorbed, because wool has a good ventilating effect, it will dry again and you will always keep a fresh product.

Another good feature of wool is that it has an insulating effect both in winter (heat) and in summer (coolness), because of the good ventilating effect it never gets too hot under a blanket or on a playpen.


Cleaning the wool

It is wrongly thought that wool is difficult to clean, but that is not so bad. The most useful tip that we can give you for keeping your blanket or playpen fresh is to hang the product outside on a bit of misty morning (when there is a lot of moisture in the air), good quality wool has a whole high lanolin (sheep fat) content which creates a protective layer around the wool. This gives the wool a kind of self-cleaning effect.


You can assume at S√łte Barne that you get the best quality of wool.The wool we use for all our products (where wool is processed) comes from lambs that have a wonderful life in Spain.


So, why wool? ... Why not!


(For other advice we refer to the washing instructions)